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Reviews and comments

“It was the most genuinely inclusive space that I have ever been in. As a participant, I felt that everything I expressed would be heard and that there was no wrong answer. As someone who also facilitates groups, I learned so much from the way Gaynor worked to incorporate everyone’s perspectives and life experiences, while maintaining a nurturing and protective environment”.

Cailin, Rehearse the Revolution participant

"The funny thing is I might not remember exactly all the activities we did or what exactly we were saying, but I do remember a very warm feeling when being there. Like an embrace that is firm enough to reassure you but at the same time you have all the freedom you need. That warm feeling was probably the best thing I took from that meeting. It allowed me to be with myself in quietness and at the same time to meet other like minded people. And we could be silly together. I think this was in tune with your leading, which was very kind, warm and was not - intrusive."

Kristina - Rehearse the Revolution participant

I travelled from Leeds to London in the same day twice to participate and the travelling was worth every minute! Overall it was a magical experience from the very beginning. The amount of learning, reflection and knowledge/experience sharing that happened within the four walls over the two days was incredible. It was my first experience with Forum Theatre. I have come away believing Forum Theatre is a tool for social change and knowledge sharing which is innovative, inclusive and also realistic. I am still buzzing from it. Ultimately I experienced the process as refreshing, enlightening and also very meaningful. Massive thanks and credit to all involved at Rehearse the Revolution. For anyone considering giving it a go, please do!

Jenny - Rehearse the Revolution participant

"Gaynor's workshop was amazing, I had never done any drama before but she very thoughtfully guided us through the different exercises so I felt confident to take part which was a huge first for me! Exploring oppression in this way felt very radical and I came away feeling spurred on to apply what I learned in real life"

Chloe, Rehearse the Revolution participant

"I attended the first workshop and loved it! It was my first experience of forum theatre and it opened up my eyes to just how powerful theatre can be to lead a positive change in today’s society. It was fun and thought provoking."


Nicola, Rehearse the Revolution participant

Forum Theatre Training designed and delivered to

Space Youth Project, Dorset's LGBT+ Youth Project

and Body Positive DorsetPositive support for those living with or affected by HIV.

"Today was totally awesome. I learnt many new skills"

"Fabulous well put together day. Really relevant to our work. I now have the skills and confidence to take this forward"

"Great fun, great tutor, full of smiles, learnt useful techniques"

"The games and ice-breakers were very good. I think the whole concept is great and a good way to get young people involved in their own learning"

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