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Is this for me?

Do you feel frustrated by the injustices you see in society? Do you believe that change is possible? Do you want to challenge unearned privilege and 'norms' that keep people down?

Then Rehearse the Revolution is for you!

Do you have zero experience of drama and feel a bit nervous about it?

Not to worry - you don't need any experience, only an open mind and heart, a sense of fun and a desire for social change.

Participation in any activity is optional and you can sit back and observe at any time.

Did you take a course in Theatre of the Oppressed and would like to renew your love of it, or get some more experience in it?

Come along and build your confidence as a spect-actor or joker. If you'd like to contribute as a guest facilitator, please let us know.

Do you want to be welcomed and included?

I'd like everyone to be able to participate, and will be happy to make adjustments for you, whether that is about access needs, or language or anything else. Please let me know in advance what I can do to help you feel welcomed and included.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch. See what people say about workshops

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