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“The theatre itself is not revolutionary: it is a rehearsal for the revolution.”  Augusto Boal

Rehearse the Revolution is a friendly and informal collective of people who believe that change is possible

We meet to use the tools of ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ discovered by Augusto Boal, to co-create strategies with which to challenge injustice and inequality.

Our starting point is always to use games and activities which reveal to us our collective struggles.

What holds us back? What winds us up? What are the systems keeping us down? How do these oppressions affect our lives and the lives of others?

It’s a playful, embodied process, allowing us to bypass our ‘thinking’ minds and get straight to our feelings and subconscious.

From here, we begin to dramatize those situations, co-creating a scene which represents the problems we face. Then together, we play the scene repeatedly, each time with a different person stepping in and trying a different way to overcome the problem.

Who hasn’t left a situation and thought ‘I wish I’d said this.... I wish I had done that...’

This type of theatre allows us to see ‘What would happen if....’

We stay curious.

We see what others would do in this situation.

We rehearse what we could do in the future if faced with a similar problem.

We experiment with new approaches.

We are creating the future we want inhabit.

Past Rehearsals for the Revolution have explored themes of gentrification, sexual harassment, racial discrimination at work and resisting unlawful immigration checks.

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